Creeping Charlie


What are the best methods for eradicating creeping charlie from an infested lawn?


Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea) is, as one of our previous posts says, one of the “most un-wanted” weeds in our lawns.

The best method to eradicate it is hand-pulling, which admittedly is time consuming and hard work because of the way this perennial weed grows: spreading by many tiny rhizomes, close to the ground, it forms a dense mat that is hard to pull.  Choose a day after a rain, or water your lawn before beginning, to dampen the soil. Try to get as much of the roots as possible – any small portions left in the soil will form new plants.  Like many weeds, Creeping Charlie thrives best in lawns that are not at their peak of health, so making sure that your lawn is mowed, fertilized, and over-seeded in sparse areas will help your turf grass to out-compete, preventing the spread of this and other lawn weeds.

Here is a previous post on the subject that offers some further links.

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