Alternatives to Boxwoods


I am requesting alternatives to boxwood
Do you think there is a more resistant species ?
Any chance
My boxwood will come back after last years devastation?


Sorry to hear about your boxwood woes. Many gardeners in and around Toronto share your pain. Our boxwoods have been having a rough time in recent years with a variety of insect pests and diseases including boxwood blight, box tree moth, boxwood spider mite, boxwood leaf miners and boxwood psyllid.

Treatment options and chances of your boxwoods recovering depend on the diagnosis. See links below to help you identify the cause of your boxwood deterioration. The links also offer treatment options. If you have trouble identifying the problem, you could take a close up photograph of the diseased foliage and post it on our website at  We will do our best to identify the disease and/or pests devastating your boxwoods.

The horticultural association for landscape professionals, Landscape Ontario, has been monitoring and controlling the spread of box tree moth in Toronto for several years. Box tree moth larvae can be effectively managed with a safe biological insecticide – registered for use in Canada. If you identify the caterpillars eating your boxwood in May contact Landscape Ontario promptly. They can advise you on managing box tree moth and refer you to a professional to administer the insecticide. For more information

As far as boxwood alternatives go, I have added this link from a previous question/answer on our website. Good luck with identifying and treating your boxwood problem!

Boxwood alternative