Amaryllis Plants with Very Long Leaves*



I have an amaryllis plant that came out of dormancy last Xmas 2016 and I repotted it in black topsoil. It produced a pathetic bloom, and has been growing ever since on a windowsill. It has produced some extraordinarily long healthy leaves about 3 feet in length and shows not sign of going into dormancy now that it’s September. What should I do to produce blooms not leaves next year, and why are it’s damned leaves so long??


The Toronto Master Gardeners receive many questions about amaryllis, addressing how to get amaryllis to rebloom and what to do with it after it blooms as well as general care.

I suggest that you search the Toronto Master Gardeners website for “amaryllis” and you will find a wealth of very specific posts. Here are some links to just two of these posts: Amaryllis Care, Will These Amaryllis Bloom?