Will these amaryllis bloom?


I pulled out these amaryllis bulbs stored in a paper bag in the basement from last years beauties … that was Dec 5th. Too late, but whatever. 2 have lots of leaves … one, just one. My question … will these bloom? Or should I cut them down again, store properly and try again in September? THANK YOU!


Dear gardener, thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question on re-blooming Amaryllis (Hippeastrum sp.). Your question is a very common one as many people want to save these beautiful flowering bulbs and enjoy them for multiple years.

Your leaves look very healthy and will be nourishing the bulb for future blooming. Do not cut the leaves now as that will starve the bulb. Your bulbs may have not bloomed this year as the leaves may have been cut too soon, not allowing the bulb to replenish its food reserve before going into dormancy. Sometimes bulbs may have been overfeed commercially and there is only energy left for green leaves.

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“Continue watering your plant regularly. Once the last frost date has passed you can move your plant outdoors. Place in partly shaded spot, water and fertilize regularly through the summer. Try not to over water, wait until the soil is just starting to dry out before watering again. The aim is for the plant to produce new foliage, that foliage is necessary to provide nutrition to the bulb so that it can rebloom for you in the winter. In the fall, before a heavy frost cut off all the foliage, stop watering and bring your plant indoors and into a cool, dark, dry spot (around 15 degrees Celsius). Amaryllis need at least a 10 to 12 weeks rest period before setting new blooms. Once this “cooling off “period is over, bring your plant to a warmer, brighter location. Remove any dead leaves and resume watering and lightly fertilizing (again making sure not to over water). You will have to wait several more weeks until new buds appear, but I’m sure you will find all your efforts worth it.”

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Hope you found these helpful and that your bulbs reward you for many years.