I bought a home in Toronto and was hugely swayed by the wisteria and trump vines that appeared to be so very established. I have yet to see any green on them as of yet and it is now May 5th. Are they dead? Was I duped when she spoke of how magnificent they were?


A wisteria in bloom is a beautiful thing and many gardeners lust for them in their garden. Unfortunately, growing them is not without challenges. A plant not leafing out is most likely due to weather conditions. If you experience cooler than normal spring weather one can often expect delays in trees and other plants such as wisteria and trumpet vine. While this past winter was considered warmer than usual overall, we have had a much colder spring and this could be the cause of your plant’s growth being delayed.

But don’t give up. Check the flexibility of a stem. If it bends easily it’s probably alright. If it is dead the stem will snap and break off. Check for any green which means it is alive. Being brown and dried out is not a good sign. Hopefully,  your plants will sprout when the weather gets warmer. However, if its really, really late to leaf out you may not get flowers this year.

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