Help with unwanted tree seedlings.*


I have these nasty maple saplings all over my garden. It is almost impossible to dig them out. I also have false bamboo. Is there some sort of tool (beyond a dandelion fork) I can use? I want to dig these up so I can rototiller the backyard. Clay, part sun, dry.
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



Why does gardening always involve work? Maple seedlings are a true bother. Firstly is your tree a red, silver or Norway Maple? These trees have the most samaras ( winged seeds, helicopters) for sure. Soon they will be covering your garden once again. Do you rake these up or leave alone? When do you want to do the work?

Some years depending on whether we have a late frost or not, the blossoms on the trees will be reduced and hence the number of seedlings will be reduced.

Pulling the seedlings now is best when the ground is somewhat moist. In those hidden and hard to find spots cutting them with pruning shears diminishes their chance of growth. Check in a few months if they have stopped growing.

My garden tool of choice is a Japanese knife. I bought mine at Lee Valley but it is available at most garden centers. It has a broad shield shaped knife with two sides of smooth or toothed. I use it for so many things. Even has a measure along the side for depth ideas.

Good luck and happy gardening