Green Winter Tents over Shrubs


We have tents over a juniper shrub which is in the ground but has struggled lately and tents over 3 free-standing barrels with succulents. When should these be taken off our shrubs? . What daily temperatures and sun conditions should these be taken off? Or could one just take them off in plus temperature days tents with sun and put back for the night? But that would start them up?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about when to remove winter protection from your juniper and your succulent planters.

The main purpose of the protective coverings is to shield the plants from desiccating winter sun and wind. They can also offer some protection against the sudden hard frosts often experienced in early spring. Coverings can be removed once spring temperatures are reliably above freezing and the ground has thawed. Early April is usually a safe bet in Toronto, though you should monitor the weather in case of a sudden temperature drop at night. If this occurs, you can cover your plants for the night.

The following link is for an article warning of the danger in removing winter protective wraps too early in the spring:

The next article warns of the dangers of leaving wraps on too long and creating a positive environment for pests and disease: