Leylandii or Laurel Hedge


Hello, was reading your articles on privacy hedging and there is reference to Leylandii and Laurel hedging in a few articles, but none of the local nurseries here in London, Ontario seem to have a clue what I’m referring to. Can you suggest where I may find the? Google isnt helping either


It’s  really surprising to hear that local nurseries in London, Ontario do not know about leylandii cypress and laurel,  as they are very common choices for hedging. However, the reason that local nurseries don’t carry them is simply because the Leyland cypress is really not hardy in the GTA and hence the London area. It has a U.S.D.A. hardiness rating of zones 6-9 (Michael A. Dirr). The plant hardiness zone for laurel is 8. For that reason you are probably having difficulty finding them.

Try going to Landscape Ontario’s website at www.landscapeontario.com.  Landscape Ontario is the professional association of the horticultural trades in Ontario. You’ll need to start at “Find a Company” and then identify what you are looking for (Garden Centres). You can narrow your search specifically to London, Ontario and you’ll be provided with a list of nurseries in your area. You could also search Niagara, Ontario. Each entry will contain website links and other contact information. Some of the sites have online product information. You may want to try calling a few. If a particular nursery doesn’t carry the plant, ask if they know of anywhere it can be purchased.

Good luck with your quest.