Regrowing a Dying Rubber Tree from a Cutting



Earlier this summer I was entrusted with my mother’s 40+ year old Rubber Tree plant (Fred) which was thriving in my backyard.

However after some heavy rains while we were away he was flooded and although we repotted him he never survived. I’m currently trying to give Fred a new life by regrowing him from a cutting.

I have 4 or 5 leaves that while wilted are still green and hanging on and I would like advice the best way forward to ensure they have the best chances of rooting.

I live in a first floor apartment with east/west facing windows, my plants get a moderate amount of light.

Help and detailed instructions would be much appreciated!!


Hi – I’m sorry to hear that the repotting of Fred was not successful. However, rubber plants are easy to propagate. We had an earlier similar question so I’ve copied a link below to that response which provides detailed instructions. I’m not sure if you were hoping to propagate using the remaining leaves but as you’ll see in the response, rubber plants are not propagated from leaves but rather from stem cuttings. Any of the supplies mentioned in the instructions are available at your local garden centre or hardware store. Best of luck with your propagation.

Propagating Rubber Plants