Transplanting Perennials from an Area Infested with Dog Strangling Vine


Hello. Unfortunately DSV has shown up in my garden. I am taking measures to control / elimate it, bit I still find little bits popping up here and there.

I have a number of plants that I want to divide and transplant to another property (hostas, anemone, bee balm etc.), but I’m concerned about inadvertently introducing DSV to the new garden via the transplants.

Is there a way to undertake the transplantation safely, or should I avoid altogether? I do not wNt to risk introducing DSV into a second garden.

Thank you,


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Dog strangling vine which is also known as Vincetoxicum rossicum, is very difficult to eradicate. Since there is a risk of introducing it another area when you transplant the perennials, it is not advisable to do this. For more information on controlling dog strangling vine, please review these previous posts by Toronto Master Gardeners: